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Aikido Vocabulary

Jumat, 10 Februari 2012 - 15:02:21 WIB

Aikido Vocabulary: Bokken: Wooden Sword Dojo: School or training area. Dogi: Uniform (Also called just Gi) Domo Arigato: Thank you Hai: Yes Hanmi: Stance Hara: One-point, center of gravity.  It is the point from which Ki flows. Irimi: Into Jo: Short staff Kohai: Junior student. Nage/Shite: The thrower.  The defender during technique practice or Randori. Obi: Belt Randori: Freestyle self-defense practice.  One person (The Nage) only defends themselves, while the other (The Uke) does all the attacking. Rei: Bow, pay respect to someone. Seiza: Kneeling position Sempai: Senior student or assistant instructor. Sensei: Teacher or instructor.  Tanto: Knife Tenkan: Around Tepo: Gun Uke: The person being thrown.  The attacker during technique practice or Randori. Ukemi: Breakfalls and rolls. Undo: Variation Yame: Finish Counting in Japanese: Ichi: One Ni: Two San: Three Shi: Four Go: Five Rokku: Six Sichi: Seven Hachi:...Read More

Dojo Rules

Jumat, 10 Februari 2012 - 14:36:33 WIB

By the time you enter the dojo for the first time you will encounter new places and sounds unusual. Rules  that you will apply during practice, essentially based on common sense to ensure the safety and show reasonable respect for fellow students. Finally, you also will use the same rules  in your daily life. Dojo Area Rules     - No shoes or other footwear in the dojo. Store shoes or other footwear  on a shoe rack as you enter the dojo.     - No walking  in the dojo by wearing inappropriate clothing, eating, drinking, smoking, whistling or shouting.     - May not distract or interfere with anyone who was practicing in the dojo.     - Maintain cleanliness and tidiness in locker room.     - Do not leave the locker room until you tie your belt  neatly. Rules  on the mattress in Practicing...Read More

What is Osu!

Jumat, 10 Februari 2012 - 14:27:43 WIB

A in-depth explanation of “Osu!” as given by Robert Mustard Sensei 6th Dan Yoshinkan Instructor (IYAF) of Aikido Yoshinkai Burnaby in an article he wrote: All of us who practice Yoshinkan [style] Aikido are familiar with the word "Osu". We use it when we enter the dojo, when we start class, when the Sensei show us a technique, when we pour beer for each other at parties and especially when [the] Sensei yell at us and we don't know what they're talking about! I even use it when I receive my dry cleaning or get my change at the 7-11, which usually results in strange looks from the respective cashiers. But what does "Osu" really mean? Does it have a deeper meaning? In Japan, the only people who use "Osu" are usually the sports teams of the high schools and universities, and most karate styles. In most companies you will hear "Osu", but it is usually a lazy man's way of saying g "Ohayo...Read More

Grading April 2012

29 April 2012 - 29 April 2012

Grading Results April 2012 Children Class (Hombu Dojo) 29 April 2012 1. Naufal Raihan - 9th Kyu 2. M. Randika Pertama - 9th Kyu 3. Nick - 9th Kyu 4. Eugene Hazel Sugriwa - 9th Kyu 5. Ancell Fran Junior - 9th Kyu 6. Agung Krisna - 8th Kyu 7. Rizqie M. Ihsan - 8th Kyu 8. Edgari Idwan Suhada - 8th Kyu 9. Vincent Susantho - 8th Kyu 10. Wilbert - 8th Kyu 11. Heindric Priatna - 6th Kyu 12. Darian Lukas Adipranata - 4th Kyu   Children Class (Dago Dojo) 29 April 2012 1. Muhammad Fadhlan Mahendra - 9th Kyu 2. Theodore Elroy Cahyana - 9th Kyu 3. Naufalziyadh Alif B.S. - 9th Kyu 4. Aliya...Read More

Grading February 2012

26 Februari 2012 - 26 Februari 2012

Test Result February 2012 Children Class (Hombu Dojo) 26th February 2012 1. Wilbert Tobing - 9th Kyu 2. A.A. Gd. Krisna - 9th Kyu   Adult Class (Hombu Dojo) 26th February 2012 1. Ai Kurnia Lestari - 8th Kyu 2. Miles Amundsen - 8th Kyu 3. Hambali Humam Macan - 7th Kyu   Adult Class (SS Dojo) 26th February 2012 1. Nicholas - 7th Kyu   Adult Class (Dago Dojo) 26th February 2012 1. Timothy B.D. Nainggolan - 7th Kyu 2. Akbar Adhi Satrio - 7th Kyu   Congratulation on Your Achievement. Keep up the Spirit! Osu!...Read More

Grading January 2012

29 Januari 2012 - 29 Januari 2012

 Test Result January 2012  Children Class (Hombu Dojo) 29th January 2012 1. Vincent Susantho - 9th Kyu 2. Rizqie M. Ihsan - 9th Kyu 3. Edgari Idwan Suhanda - 9th Kyu 4. Heindric Priatna - 7th Kyu 5. Arvia Davian - 6th Kyu 6. Darian Lukas A. - 6th Kyu    Children Class (Dago Dojo) 29th January 2012 1. Aliya Paramesthi H. - 9th Kyu 2. Dimas D.S. - 9th Kyu 3. Muhammad Kent Alghazi - 9th Kyu 4. Adit - 8th Kyu 5. Rangga - 8th Kyu 6. Rama - 8th Kyu 7. Altaf - 7th Kyu 8. Chissantya - 7th Kyu 9. Winnetou - 7th Kyu 10. Fayza - 6th Kyu 11. Million - 6th...Read More

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