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Aikido Vocabulary

Jumat, 10 Februari 2012 - 15:02:21 WIB

Aikido Vocabulary:

Bokken: Wooden Sword
Dojo: School or training area.
Dogi: Uniform (Also called just Gi)
Domo Arigato: Thank you
Hai: Yes
Hanmi: Stance
Hara: One-point, center of gravity.  It is the point from which Ki flows.
Irimi: Into
Jo: Short staff
Kohai: Junior student.
Nage/Shite: The thrower.  The defender during technique practice or Randori.
Obi: Belt
Randori: Freestyle self-defense practice.  One person (The Nage) only defends themselves, while the other (The Uke) does all the attacking.
Rei: Bow, pay respect to someone.
Seiza: Kneeling position
Sempai: Senior student or assistant instructor.
Sensei: Teacher or instructor. 
Tanto: Knife
Tenkan: Around
Tepo: Gun
Uke: The person being thrown.  The attacker during technique practice or Randori.
Ukemi: Breakfalls and rolls.
Undo: Variation
Yame: Finish

Counting in Japanese:

Ichi: One
Ni: Two
San: Three
Shi: Four
Go: Five
Rokku: Six
Sichi: Seven
Hachi: Eight
Ku: Nine
Ju: Ten

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